Why Affiliated

As a privately owned and operated company, Affiliated is an organization that strives to be an industry leader in healthcare financial management services.

With the commitment from its founding principals to always reinvest in developing our proprietary software, educating and training our staff for the success of our partners. This approach provides the ability to deliver, design and execute techniques to effectively maximize returns for each client engagement. Our best people, best practices, and best technology is the answer for, “Why Affiliated”.

The Affiliated Advantage

  • 5-10% Improvement in conversion of self-pay accounts to Medicaid or Insurances
  • 20-30% Reduction in operating costs
  • 5-15% Improvement in cash collections

Improved Collections

The accuracy and efficiency of our billing and payment posting software is reflected in the improved collections experienced by our clients. The range of percentage improvement is from 5% to 15%. This is a 5% to 15% revenue gain otherwise lost through other billing services. Our software works in conjunction with our staff to allow us to keep the amount of human error rate down, as well as the cost to hire additional staff for these checks and balances.

Contact us for sample results of an Electronic Review and to discuss our free A/R analysis.

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