Insurance Discovery & Electronic Review Program

Affiliated Healthcare Management group’s (AHMG) Insurance Discovery Program closes the gap on missed insurance opportunities for our Customers. Missing or incorrect insurance information is the number one source of denials and delayed/ lost revenue for healthcare organizations today.

Many patients are not cognizant of the type of insurance coverage they have, and the nuances related to the confusion of navigating such coverage. This is further complicated by contradictory information often provided by payers along with missed or inaccurate information provided during the registration/authorization process. Often, this results in a patient being registered as Self-Pay which is likely to cause denials for timely filing or no authorization later on.

Affiliated HMG’s Insurance Discovery and Electronic Review Program can help ease the burden of denials for timely filing, no authorizations and excessive bad debt write offs due to not discovering billable insurance in time. Our proprietary technology and workflows identify active insurance that have escaped other methods of insurance discovery for our partners. This provides both financial and operational relief for our Customers that cannot afford denials or the time and resources necessary to possibly convert those denials to payments.

Affiliated Healthcare Management Groups Insurance Discovery Program – eMEVS provides:

  • Utilization of our proprietary technology to uncover potential insurance opportunities
  • Insurance validation process though our support office
  • Update Client’s computer system with updated insurance information and prepare claims for electronic submission


  • Updated and validated insurance information on all registrations prior to billing
  • Reduction of denials for timely filing or non-covered services
  • Increase cash
  • Lower expense to follow-up on accounts
  • Lower expense paid to 3rd Party vendors by reducing number of claims referred due to inappropriate denials
  • Increase internal billing and insurance follow-up staff efficiency by reducing unnecessary billing and follow-up efforts
  • Lower days in receivable by accelerating cash by 45-60 days
  • Reduce referrals to Bad-Debt
  • Increase visibility on staffing errors to allow for targeted training
  • Improve Key Performance Metrics for Organization

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