Long-Term Care Facilities

Once a patient does not meet the emergent level of care that is necessary to remain in the hospital, they are discharged to a skilled nursing facility or long-term care facility.  These types of facilities provide patients with a high level of care to prepare them for return to their loved ones and their homes.  A stressful time for the patient, family and the organization.

Long-term care or skilled nursing facilities deal with the stress of caring for patients that need this high level of care. Navigating the necessary insurance coverage and requirements for payment for their necessary care prove to be daunting for many facilities.

At skilled nursing facilities, insurance coverage is necessary to provide the appropriate level of care that their patients are accustomed to and need. At Affiliated, we have invested in hiring the Best People, developing the Best Practice and Best Technology to handle all aspects of eligibility and enrollment of all insured and underinsured patients wherever that setting may be. Long term care and SNF’s have limited resources and expertise to tackle some of the most intricate and difficult to navigate Medicaid applications for either primary or secondary coverage. We are here to help the patients; their families and the organization navigate the application process and do all the legwork to complete these important applications.

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