Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Affiliated’s Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Solutions have a long history of helping our customers enhance their revenue cycle performance

We have focused our efforts and invested in getting the right personnel, developing the best processes, and bringing the latest technologies together to build a business process outsourcing organization to perform the services that you require.

We understand that each client has its own unique needs, and we are ready to develop a tailor-made program.

Affiliated Healthcare Management Group can perform the following:

  • Business Office Outsource & Management Services
  • Front End Insurance Discovery Program
  • Need Patient Involvement/Document Retrieval Program
  • Patient Access Data Integrity and Quality Review
  • Community Benefit & Patient Advocacy Services
  • Non-Governmental Insurance 3rd Party Billing & Follow Up Services
  • Denial Prevention and Management Program
  • Managed Care Contracting Consulting Services
  • Self-Pay Account Receivable Management Services
  • Workers Compensation & No-Fault Management Services

Improve Cash Collections, Revenue, Lower Denials, and Build Teams:

  • 4%-9% Increase in Patient Revenue
  • 2.5%-6% Increase in Cash Receipts
  • Improvement in Timeliness of Claim Submission and Payments
  • 5%-10% Drop in Denials and Recurring Denial Issues (Internal & External)
  • Lower AR days and Aging Receivables to Acceptable Standards
  • Improve Visibility on Critical Issues affecting Organization
  • Establish, Monitor, and Maintain Key Performance Metrics
  • Communicate Clear Team Objectives/Goals and Incentivize Success
  • Improve Resource Efficiency and Team Building
  • Lower Expense

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We provide Hospitals & Health Systems with comprehensive revenue cycle management services