Hospitals & Health Systems

Not-for-profit and for-profit acute care hospitals and health systems have a great deal of responsibility maintaining the necessary revenue to continue to serve their community.

At every patient encounter the hospital must properly bill and collect payments that insurance companies and government agencies attempt to find ways to deny those payments.  Often, hospitals do not have the resources or the expertise in handling these complex transactions to maintain necessary revenues, a situation that is more prevalent at safety-net hospitals.  Healthcare organizations must turn to trusted vendor partners to fill the resource and experience disparity.

Affiliated Healthcare Management Group, LLC is regarded as a trusted vendor partner by their clients and strategic partners within the industry.  We have compiled a wealth of industry knowledge by partnering with the right people to move our initiatives forward.  Our company has over three decades in national revenue cycle experience through our Best People hiring initiatives.  Using all those years of experience and the national presence we developed our Best Practices and Best Technology processes.  Our Best People, Best Practices and Best Technology have been proven to be successful in increasing revenue, lowering bad debt write-offs, streamlining processes and increasing patient satisfaction.

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