Patient Access Solutions

Healthcare providers understand the importance of gathering accurate patient data at point of registration. Patient access denials and lack of proper authorizations account for the highest number of denials from payers.

Gathering and updating accurate patient insurance, demographic information and getting the appropriate authorizations at point of service is vital for billing and payment from third party payer, as well as qualifying underinsured and uninsured patients for governmental assistance programs to cover the services rendered.

At AHMG, we support your existing patient access and revenue cycle operation by reviewing 100% of your registrations prior to an initial bill drop to ensure all information that is gathered and updated in the hospital information system is accurate and will cover the dates and services applicable to that registration.

The Patient Access Data Integrity and Quality review program assists our Customers with feedback related to registration inaccuracies in order to minimize future errors in the registration/intake process.

The Patient Access Training and Staff Development Program provides data errors, and identifies user, department and organizational specific error trends to create targeted training materials and user manuals to address those errors on an on-going basis. Our expert team of Patient Access professionals provide for both group training and individual training in your specific patient access intake areas.

Data Integrity & Quality Review Programs

  • Review Patient Access data using technology to reduce errors
    resulting in delayed payment or denials
  • Implement technology to identify demographic and billing errors
    before claim submission
  • Review insurance to ensure correct information updated on your
  • Review demographic information and ensure information updated on
    your system
  • Update Financial Class and Insurance Plan as necessary to ensure proper billing
  • Provide visibility on Patient Access errors and assist with corrective action plan
  • Monitor and report on corrective action plan using analytics and trend reports
  • Establish a work plan and process flow to ensure best practices in reviewing registration data
  • Establish policies and procedures for Client to implement Quality Review Program
  • Assist with integration of Quality Review Program as part of the Revenue Cycle Department

Training and Staff Development Programs

  • Review Patient Access process flows, policies, and procedures
  • Make recommendations on existing process flows to improve quality
  • Establish training manuals that are system and department specific
  • Review individual staff registrations and provide feedback on errors
  • Provide training on an individual (elbow to elbow) to reduce individual user errors
  • Audit workflows to ensure compliance with policies and procedures
  • Provide executive leadership with departmental and individual staff
    assessment to highlight success and problem areas
  • Provide follow-up training as needed for individuals who require
    additional training and monitor results of additional training
  • Document all training and development efforts provided to
    departments and individual staff

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