Patient Access Data Integrity & Quality Review

When it comes to healthcare, patient access is the heart and fundamental forefront of the patient’s experience. At Affiliated, we understand the benefits of centering access around patients and connecting efficient and streamlined workflows to ensure optimal patent experience and appropriate reimbursement of services provided.

The Patient Access Data Integrity and Quality review program supports your existing patient access and revenue cycle operation by reviewing 100% of your registrations prior to an initial bill release. It will ensure all insurance information collected at the point of registration is accurate and will cover the dates and services provided.

Data Integrity & Quality Review Programs

  • Review & validate Insurance plans (COB) prior to bill submission
  • Review registration edits prior to bill submission
  • Provide analytics on Patient Access errors and assist with corrective action plan
  • Monitor and report on corrective action plan using analytics and trend reports
  • Establish best practices workflows
  • Establish registration KPI’s
  • Assist with integration of Quality Review Program as part of the Revenue Cycle Department
  • Collaborate on Establishing training manuals that are system and department specific


  • Improved patient experience
  • Increased operational and registration efficiency
  • Standardized & streamlined policies and procedures
  • Improved financial clearance processes
  • Improved rescheduling/cancelation of services
  • Improved collaboration with physician and providers
  • Streamlined policies and procedures
  • Data Analytics driven to track and trend

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