Field Services

Coordination of Benefits Resolution • Document Retrieval • Federal and State Medicaid
Application Assistance

In an age driven by information. it is important to capture data accurately, efficiently, and securely in Real-Time. Affiliated leads the healthcare industry in practices and safety measures with the use of field services team. Our field representatives are equipped with the latest technology to assist them and the patient with the document retrieval and capture process. This partnered with our robust in-house and back office process, coupled with experienced personnel, work diligently to complete Federal & State Medicaid applications to maximize enrollments. Through the use of Real-Time GPS tracking and our proprietary software, our field representatives have the ability to be dispatched for both scheduled or unscheduled consultations with
patients in order to obtain the required document(s).

Equipped with the latest tablet and Real-Time GPS tracking technologies our field service representatives are deployed from each region we serve ready to meet and assist patient at their convenience.

  • Real-time document retrieval and uploads – All documents that are scanned are automatically submitted to their
    financial counselor for review and completion if possible, via a secure email
  • Real-Time tracking and GPS location – To assure the safety of the patient and field representative and for the ability to
    divert resources to areas of immediate need
  • Encrypted with the latest software – HIPPA compliant to protect our partners and patient information
  • Cloud base technologies – For easy access to scanned documents for completion of applications
  • Encrypted Microsoft Surface Tablets with instant erase – Necessary safety precautions in case of loss or stolen equipment & quick retrieval complete with remote lock, disable, wipe, real time GPS tracking location services
  • Real time Data Sync (instant encrypted data transmission to back office)
  • Scheduled field visits according to the patient’s schedule – Field representative, Financial counselor and patient are online to verify correct documentation is obtained
  • Online submission of documents without a field representative – Conducted via a secure email and a live financial counselor to verify correct documentation is obtained
  • Unscheduled/Blind field visits conducted per area for difficult to reach patients – Conducted at various times and days to maximize effectiveness

Affiliated Healthcare Management (AHMG) Field Service Safety Protocols for Disease Prevention and Mitigation

Safety Protocols for Disease Prevention and Mitigation are the new normal going forward. The safety and health of our staff and the patients have always been a top priority at AHMG. In order to protect our workforce and patients AHMG will minimize the number of in-person visits when practicable. Our staff are in the field every day and remain vigilant about protecting the health of themselves as well as the patients and community we serve. AHMG will institute a safety protocol that includes:

  • Employee Health Screening
  • Employee Safety Training and Education
  • Patient Health Screening

To learn more about our Safety Protocols, contact your Affiliated representative.

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